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What brand is the pursuit vehicle?
Must be really good. Even better than Honda, since it is able to keep a stable pursuit with the heavy camera equipment...

jonathan tapper

Hi Kjakan,
The pursuit car is a souped up Porsche Cayenne. It is specialy designed for chasing fast cars over rough terrain.
Lacks some of the creature comforts of your average Cayenne but instead you get a million pounds worth of camera gear rigged to the top. Only 2 in the world so there is a bit of wating list.


Two questions:

Wouldn't it have been cheaper to use a Citroen C6? :P

And second: Is that really an Euro spec Accord in the States? If so please tell me you will sell it on Crigslist because the Acura TSX version we have here has an awful grille and no estate version!

Austin tate

Nice one folks... really well done. We tuned in specifically and really enjoyed it. Well done to the creative team and the jumpers... as well as Honda.


is there a list of names of the jumpers anywhere?

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