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Shane Mitchell

"Eating the Carrot: Landing into the wind. Much harder than landing with the wind behind you."

I'm not familiar with the phrase, but landing with the wind behind you is much more difficult and potentially dangerous as you will be traveling at the combined speed of the parachute and the wind.


Here is a near complete glossary of skydiving terms:


jonathan tapper

Thank you for the tip. Looks like I need to listen more when these guys are trying to teach me skydive speak.

bill von

Some of my personal favorites -

To chowder - to land spectacularly badly
"Aging the suits" - another excuse for bad landings
Snerging - to go way too deep on a cat build
Chunking the base - the task I always end up with when Tom has his way
Slotting people - assigning them positions in the dive
(I always had this image of people with a series of slots cut in them though.)


Best Of All for experiance to use on 'rookie' skydivers is:

BEER FINE - when ever a 'first' is achived.. ie 1st freefall, 1st cutaway, or when a further qualification is achived you call on the megaphone for a Beer fine and that person is due to buy everyone a beer that evening in the bar!!!

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